That's me, Eugene Kim. A non-union sound mixer and audio post engineer. 


Narrative, commercial, digital, podcasts - if there's dialog involved, I'm into it. 


Big fan of breakfast burritos and adult haircuts.


 Mixers and wireless

• Zaxcom Nova and Sound Devices 633. All Zaxcom wireless.

• Zaxcom offers the ability to remotely record talent should they go out of range - no missed takes or dropouts.

• RF VUE hardware and IAS software for complete RF analysis and optimization of the wireless spectrum.     


Sennheiser 8060, mkh50 • Neumann km150 • Schoeps cmit5U, cmc641 • DPA 4063, 4071, 6060 • Sanken cos-11 • Countryman b6 • Electrovoice 320's, RE50.


The rest

IFB, smartslate, sync boxes, camera hops and Movie-Slate sound reports at wrap. 



Protools 12 HD, 1 TB sound library, KRK 7402 & Minimus for monitoring, Izotope/DMG/Massey as chef's knife tools. Armful of plugins. 


Happy to arrange additional gear.


                     would love to chat         •       916-832-4111