That's me, Eugene Kim. A New York City based location sound mixer.


10 years recording sound for film, tv, commercials, podcasts, music, nature, the city, cars, tap dancers, athletes, politicians, chefs, walla, comedy sets, vampires, and - room tone.


Can only go so long without eating Asian food.

Asian American sound mixer recording sound
sound mixer recording dialog

 Mixers and wireless

• Zaxcom Nova and Sound Devices 633. All Zaxcom wireless.

• Zaxcom transmitters can record directly to itself should talent go out of range - no missed takes or dropouts.

• RF VUE hardware and IAS software for complete RF analysis and optimization of the wireless spectrum.     


Sennheiser 8060, mkh50 • Neumann km150 • Schoeps cmit5U, cmc641 • DPA 4063, 6060 • Sanken cos-11 • Countryman b6 • Electrovoice 320's, RE50.


The rest

IFB, smartslate, sync boxes, camera hops and Movie-Slate sound reports at wrap. 



Protools 12 HD, 1 TB sound library, KRK 7402 & Minimus for monitoring, Izotope/DMG/Massey as chef's knife tools. Armful of plugins. 


Happy to arrange additional gear.


                      •       916-832-4111

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