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Your Attention Please - Hulu
Vice TV
Benjamin Cleary "Swan Song" interview
Daily Show - Aespa
The Daily Show "DFDD" skit
Cardi B / Steve Madden
Paramount networks
RuPaul's Drag Con 2019
Al Gore interview / Futurism
Lego Super Mario All-Star Team Challenge
Ikea/Thrillist Host Masters
Retro Tech: Youtube Originals
2020-21 Benefits for: The Jewish Museum, Soethby's, The Brooklyn Museum
Peacock "Good Timing"
Colgate Tiktok
Telfar-Gitoo 2021 Superbowl Ad
Hulaween 2020 - NYC Restoration Project
Color of Change
Advertising Hall of Fame
PBS - #MeToo, Now What
Robin Hood Foundation
Stomp Out Bullying
How to Let Go of the World
Jed Foundation
Subways ad
Property Brothers Celebrity Makeover
Nate and Jeremiah by Design
Dr. Phil, 2018 NYC
Dreamworks TV
Jenni and Roger Domesticated
Jwoww/Snookie - Mom's With Attitude
Carlos Vives - Al Filo de tu Amor
Steve Madden Music
Liz Miele stand up albums
Phenomenal Woman
Splice Music
AARP - Power of Prayer
Good Luck In Farsi
American Ballet Theatre
A-Town Boyz
Apartment Living
Uncle Silas
Ebony Jo Ann - Please Save Your Love
Pfizer "Innovative Core" campaign
Steve Madden round table
Theory clothing
Scout the City
Keenan Cahill - Hands Up
Rise Again
Respect The Jux

in post/progress

• 1619 Project (Hulu)

• Niagra Movement (PBS)

• Sex Diaries (HBO)

• Secret Restoration (History Channel)

• Mashable/Walmart (ad)

• Audible (ad)